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Circuit Works Corporation

Our project was an office and factory build-out of an existing 31,000 square foot facility. Of course, like every other project, ours was cost-sensitive and on an extremely tight time table. Our main reason for choosing Quincy Construction was that Travis presented himself as a professional General Contractor that would truly listen to our needs and be flexible enough to meet them; Travis exceeded our expectations with his flexibility, understanding, and constant professionalism. It was our understanding that most construction projects exceed budget, through Travis’s tireless work ethic, organization, and problem-solving; Quincy Construction was able to reduce the cost of our build-out while staying on schedule. At all times Quincy Construction provided superior customer service. Travis and his team did whatever was necessary to meet the goal of the project. Most companies state that their strength is customer service, but Quincy Construction embodies it. It was a pleasure to work with Travis and we highly recommend Quincy Construction!

Thomas D. Thompson
CWC Holdings, LLC
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